[Interreg2Seas][SPEED] Smart Port Hackathon - December 2,3 - Ports of Lille

[Interreg2Seas][SPEED] Smart Port Hackathon - December 2,3 - Ports of Lille

Date de l'évènement : 02 décembre 2019

The Smart Port Hackathon will take place in the Ports of Lille on December 2 and 3.

You are more than welcome to attend.


The objective is to find together innovative solutions using AI or IoT technologies to design the port of the future.

About this Event

Come and participate in the hackathon: Let's find smart solutions for the port of the future!

On December 2nd and 3rd 2019, 3 challenges are to be taken up !

If you are a student, engineer, creative, company director, come and participate in the hackathon of the port of the future.

There are 3 challenges to be taken up ! The objective is to find together innovative solutions using data, AI, connected objects and blockchain technologies around the following axes:

  • Land, sea and river accessibility (boats and pedestrians)
  • Logistics : Traceability and processes improvement
  • Environment : pollution and smarter use of energy

Hackathon: 16-hour competition

Digital tools are playing an increasingly strategic role in port organisations: fishing, trade, pleasure boating. "Connected" objects are omnipresent in commercial ports, from management software to the "physical Internet" they integrate port logistics at all levels, such as the monitoring of cargo and passenger flows.

Join the adventure and register: contact@citc-eurarfid.com

Description of the SPEED project:

The SPEED project is a European Interreg 2 Seas project. The project brings together partners from Belgian, English, Dutch and French ports. Its ambition is to define an ecosystem of innovative companies working and proposing highly qualified solution(s) thanks to new technologies.

The planning is available online on the registration platform : https://iotcluster.fr/hackaport-en

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